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Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2019 8.1 (x64) Multilingual WarezMafia.com Full Version Torrent

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2019 8.1 (x64) Multilingual WarezMafia.com full version download torrent with crack serial keygen license key unlock code activation warez free kickass torrentz télécharger version complète gratuitement vollversion kostenlos herunterladen volledige versie gratis downloaden descargar versión completa gratis scarica versione completa gratuitamente direct from WarezMafia.com

Download Torrent: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2019 8.1 (x64) Multilingual WarezMafia.com
Info hash: 850a2b7c5ebd904eda6d2afa389411521f4f15c0
Tracker: udp://tracker.opentrackr.org:1337/announce
Category: WarezMafia.com Categories > Software > Windows - Other
Seeds: 716  
Leechers: 153
Health: Torrent health: 10
Total Size: 2.35 GB
Number of files: 153   View torrent files >
Downloaded: 203
Private: no
Upload by: proshen Master Pirate VIP Gold Contributer (10,000+ uploads) Master Pirate VIP Top Contributer (1,000+ uploads) Veteran Pirate Major Contributor (500+ uploads) Intermediate Pirate (50+ uploads) Rookie Pirate (5+ uploads) WarezMafia.com Registered Member
Provider: WarezMafia.com
Torrent added: 2019-04-12 11:04:04
More Torrents: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2019 8.1 (x64) Multilingual WarezMafia.com Torrent Full Downloads

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2019 8.1 (x64) Multilingual WarezMafia.com Torrent Description


1. Unpack and install
2. Copy patch to installation folder
3. Run patch
4. Done.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2019 8.1 (x64) Multilingual WarezMafia.com Torrent files list (total 2.35 GB in 153 files)

Icon for folder[Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2019 8.1 (x64) Multilingual]
Icon for folder[Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (win64)]
Icon for document filetypeDownloaded from BabuPC.com.txt (1.91 KB)
Icon for document filetypeSet-up.exe (5.27 MB)
Icon for document filetypeVisit babupc.com.url (0.11 KB)
Icon for folder[packages]
Icon for folder[AAM]
Icon for folder[AdobeGCClient]
Icon for document filetypeAdobeGCClient.pima (2.03 MB)
Icon for document filetypeAdobeGCClient.pimx (25.33 KB)
Icon for document filetypeAdobeGCClient.sig (1.82 KB)
Icon for folder[CCM]
Icon for document filetypeCCM.pima (0.19 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCCM.pimx (110.02 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCCM.sig (1.80 KB)
Icon for folder[D6]
Icon for document filetypeD6.pima (2.38 MB)
Icon for document filetypeD6.pimx (122.25 KB)
Icon for document filetypeD6.sig (1.80 KB)
Icon for folder[DECore]
Icon for document filetypeDECore.pima (15.77 MB)
Icon for document filetypeDECore.pimx (132.14 KB)
Icon for document filetypeDECore.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[DWA]
Icon for document filetypeDWA.pima (2.77 MB)
Icon for document filetypeDWA.pimx (47.93 KB)
Icon for document filetypeDWA.sig (1.80 KB)
Icon for folder[IPC]
Icon for document filetypeIPC.pima (1.02 MB)
Icon for document filetypeIPC.pimx (57.50 KB)
Icon for document filetypeIPC.sig (1.80 KB)
Icon for folder[LWA]
Icon for document filetypeLWA.pima (5.40 MB)
Icon for document filetypeLWA.pimx (48.00 KB)
Icon for document filetypeLWA.sig (1.80 KB)
Icon for folder[P6]
Icon for document filetypeP6.pima (6.60 MB)
Icon for document filetypeP6.pimx (72.04 KB)
Icon for document filetypeP6.sig (1.80 KB)
Icon for folder[P7]
Icon for document filetypeP7.pima (13.82 MB)
Icon for document filetypeP7.pimx (126.26 KB)
Icon for document filetypeP7.sig (1.80 KB)
Icon for folder[UWA]
Icon for document filetypeUWA.pima (6.27 MB)
Icon for document filetypeUWA.pimx (160.71 KB)
Icon for document filetypeUWA.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[core]
Icon for document filetypePDApp.pima (13.02 MB)
Icon for document filetypePDApp.pimx (233.69 KB)
Icon for document filetypePDApp.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for document filetypeinstall.sig (5.50 KB)
Icon for folder[ACC]
Icon for folder[ACCC]
Icon for document filetypeACCC.pima (21.57 MB)
Icon for document filetypeACCC.pimx (27.18 KB)
Icon for document filetypeACCC.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[AppsPanel]
Icon for document filetypeAppsPanel.pima (7.40 MB)
Icon for document filetypeAppsPanel.pimx (19.90 KB)
Icon for document filetypeAppsPanel.sig (1.82 KB)
Icon for folder[AssetsPanel]
Icon for document filetypeAssetsPanel.pima (159.75 KB)
Icon for document filetypeAssetsPanel.pimx (3.14 KB)
Icon for document filetypeAssetsPanel.sig (1.82 KB)
Icon for folder[BehancePanel]
Icon for document filetypeBehancePanel.pima (1.48 MB)
Icon for document filetypeBehancePanel.pimx (18.83 KB)
Icon for document filetypeBehancePanel.sig (1.82 KB)
Icon for folder[CCLibrary]
Icon for document filetypeCCLibrary.pima (0.19 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCCLibrary.pimx (1.15 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCCLibrary.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[CCSyncPlugin]
Icon for document filetypeCCSyncPlugin.pima (0.19 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCCSyncPlugin.pimx (1.17 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCCSyncPlugin.sig (1.82 KB)
Icon for folder[CCXProcess]
Icon for document filetypeCCXProcess.pima (0.19 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCCXProcess.pimx (1.15 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCCXProcess.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[CoreSync]
Icon for document filetypeCoreSync.pima (0.19 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCoreSync.pimx (19.13 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCoreSync.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[CoreSyncExtension]
Icon for document filetypeCoreSyncExtension.pima (0.19 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCoreSyncExtension.pimx (1.18 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCoreSyncExtension.sig (1.83 KB)
Icon for folder[DesignLibraryPlugin]
Icon for document filetypeDesignLibraryPlugin.pima (0.19 KB)
Icon for document filetypeDesignLibraryPlugin.pimx (1.20 KB)
Icon for document filetypeDesignLibraryPlugin.sig (1.83 KB)
Icon for folder[ExchangePlugin]
Icon for document filetypeExchangePlugin.pima (0.19 KB)
Icon for document filetypeExchangePlugin.pimx (4.95 KB)
Icon for document filetypeExchangePlugin.sig (1.82 KB)
Icon for folder[FilesPanel]
Icon for document filetypeFilesPanel.pima (2.54 MB)
Icon for document filetypeFilesPanel.pimx (20.97 KB)
Icon for document filetypeFilesPanel.sig (1.82 KB)
Icon for folder[FontsPanel]
Icon for document filetypeFontsPanel.pima (2.45 MB)
Icon for document filetypeFontsPanel.pimx (19.34 KB)
Icon for document filetypeFontsPanel.sig (1.82 KB)
Icon for folder[HDCore]
Icon for document filetypeHDCore.pima (5.07 MB)
Icon for document filetypeHDCore.pimx (5.23 KB)
Icon for document filetypeHDCore.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[HomePanel]
Icon for document filetypeHomePanel.pima (904.99 KB)
Icon for document filetypeHomePanel.pimx (19.21 KB)
Icon for document filetypeHomePanel.sig (1.82 KB)
Icon for folder[LiveType]
Icon for document filetypeLiveType.pima (0.19 KB)
Icon for document filetypeLiveType.pimx (16.65 KB)
Icon for document filetypeLiveType.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[MarketPanel]
Icon for document filetypeMarketPanel.pima (1.54 MB)
Icon for document filetypeMarketPanel.pimx (3.14 KB)
Icon for document filetypeMarketPanel.sig (1.82 KB)
Icon for folder[SPanel]
Icon for document filetypeSPanel.pima (0.19 KB)
Icon for document filetypeSPanel.pimx (1.05 KB)
Icon for document filetypeSPanel.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[SynKit]
Icon for document filetypeSynKit.pima (0.19 KB)
Icon for document filetypeSynKit.pimx (1.15 KB)
Icon for document filetypeSynKit.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[Utils]
Icon for document filetypeUtils.pima (3.99 MB)
Icon for document filetypeUtils.pimx (24.08 KB)
Icon for document filetypeUtils.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[ADC]
Icon for folder[ADS]
Icon for document filetypeADS.pima (1.73 MB)
Icon for document filetypeADS.pimx (3.06 KB)
Icon for document filetypeADS.sig (1.80 KB)
Icon for folder[CCExchangePlugin]
Icon for document filetypeCCExchangePlugin.pima (4.72 MB)
Icon for document filetypeCCExchangePlugin.pimx (5.31 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCCExchangePlugin.sig (1.83 KB)
Icon for folder[CEF]
Icon for document filetypeCEF.pima (54.54 MB)
Icon for document filetypeCEF.pimx (3.56 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCEF.sig (1.80 KB)
Icon for folder[Core]
Icon for document filetypeCore.pima (994.58 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCore.pimx (1.75 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCore.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[CoreExt]
Icon for document filetypeCoreExt.pima (1.00 MB)
Icon for document filetypeCoreExt.pimx (2.83 KB)
Icon for document filetypeCoreExt.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[ElevationManager]
Icon for document filetypeElevationManager.pima (1.03 MB)
Icon for document filetypeElevationManager.pimx (2.72 KB)
Icon for document filetypeElevationManager.sig (1.83 KB)
Icon for folder[HDBox]
Icon for document filetypeHDBox.pima (6.04 MB)
Icon for document filetypeHDBox.pimx (5.13 KB)
Icon for document filetypeHDBox.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[HEX]
Icon for document filetypeHEX.pima (1.23 MB)
Icon for document filetypeHEX.pimx (2.05 KB)
Icon for document filetypeHEX.sig (1.80 KB)
Icon for folder[LCC]
Icon for document filetypeLCC.pima (8.43 MB)
Icon for document filetypeLCC.pimx (6.72 KB)
Icon for document filetypeLCC.sig (1.80 KB)
Icon for folder[NHEX]
Icon for document filetypeNHEX.pima (212.22 KB)
Icon for document filetypeNHEX.pimx (1.65 KB)
Icon for document filetypeNHEX.sig (1.80 KB)
Icon for folder[Notifications]
Icon for document filetypeNotifications.pima (2.07 MB)
Icon for document filetypeNotifications.pimx (2.93 KB)
Icon for document filetypeNotifications.sig (1.82 KB)
Icon for folder[Runtime]
Icon for document filetypeRuntime.pima (113.22 MB)
Icon for document filetypeRuntime.pimx (6.55 KB)
Icon for document filetypeRuntime.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[SignInApp]
Icon for document filetypeSignInApp.pima (566.22 KB)
Icon for document filetypeSignInApp.pimx (2.40 KB)
Icon for document filetypeSignInApp.sig (1.81 KB)
Icon for folder[TCC]
Icon for document filetypeTCC.pima (1.55 MB)
Icon for document filetypeTCC.pimx (2.89 KB)
Icon for document filetypeTCC.sig (1.80 KB)
Icon for document filetypeApplicationInfo.xml (19.27 KB)
Icon for folder[products]
Icon for folder[LTRM]
Icon for document filetypeAdobeLightroom-mul.zip (2.01 GB)
Icon for document filetypeapplication.json (17.10 KB)
Icon for document filetypedriver.xml (0.31 KB)
Icon for folder[resources]
Icon for document filetypeAdobePIM.dll (1.75 MB)
Icon for document filetypeConfig.xml (0.27 KB)
Icon for folder[content]
Icon for folder[images]
Icon for document filetypeappIcon.png (1.40 KB)
Icon for document filetypeappIcon2x.png (2.09 KB)
Icon for folder[Crack]
Icon for document filetypeDownloaded from BabuPC.com.txt (1.91 KB)
Icon for document filetypeLightroom.exe (18.23 MB)
Icon for document filetypeVisit babupc.com.url (0.11 KB)
Icon for document filetypeDownloaded from BabuPC.com.txt (1.91 KB)
Icon for document filetypeRead_ME.txt (0.13 KB)
Icon for document filetypeVisit babupc.com.url (0.11 KB)


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